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Community-engaged learning is for-credit field work that involves working in a non-profit organization, a government agency, or a business. The experience is coordinated with academic work that typically includes readings, keeping a journal, and a final project or paper. A field work student should learn from his/her experience and also by reflecting on that experience and how it relates to the academic work. Placements are arranged through our office, while the academic work is supervised by a faculty sponsor.

Nearly every department and program at Vassar sponsors community-engaged learning. Most placements are in Poughkeepsie and the Mid-Hudson Valley, but many students arrange their own placements in New York City and elsewhere. Students may need a pre- or co-requisite course in the sponsoring department. Internships during the summer may also be eligible for field work credit.

For more information about the range of placements and procedures for seeking credit, please visit the Office of Community-Engaged Learning in Main N-165 or call us at (845) 437-5280.